Chris Rensch

Child and Trauma Therapist
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About Chris Rensch

I practice therapy for kids, teens, and adults in Fort Langley, BC

I have a lifelong passion for helping kids overcome hardship—abuse, trauma, anxiety or just the daily stress that comes from living in a divided home.
I take a person-centered, humanistic approach as I help children and adults become the best version of themselves. My goal is to give new hope to kids (and to their parents) as I help them step into daily life with security, certainty, and joy.
I have a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology (MACP) and a BA (Hons) in Psychology with a minor in Sociology, and a Human Services Certificate from Trinity Western University. Much of my practice deals with trauma, and I have specialized training in two specific trauma therapies: Lifespan Integration and Observed and Experiential Integration.
I’m driven by a desire to see healing at every stage of life, to help people move forward in healthy, full relationships—no matter what happened in the past.


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9067 Church Street, Fort Langley, BC